The HitchHiker –what goes around comes around
This app is designed for individuals in need of a lift who don’t have access to public transport or don’t have change for a taxi. The HitchHiker is an app that works on a voluntary basis. Drives sign up and log in when they are available to give free rides. All drivers go though a police check and must have a clean driving record to be eligible.

Loading screen for app

The app uses the users location to generate a map showing drivers in the vicinity who are available to provide a ride. The user is able to see the destination of the vehicles and can read a profile of the driver before requesting a ride.

example of how app looks

At the conclusion of the ride the user is able to rate and review their ride and if they are happy with their driver they can thank them with the gift your driver feature. This feature provides incentive for drivers to offer enjoyable rides as the user can pick from a list of electronic gift cards to give their driver.

example of rate and review screen